Rare.engineer : Excellence as a Service

This manifesto takes you a little deeper into our core values, our secret recipes (not all of them) and our ambitions.

At rare.engineer, we believe that an organization that wants to grow on solid foundations has an obligation to surround itself with key skills in key roles.

At rare.engineer, we know how difficult it is to identify, convince and retain the most valuable tech talents who will make your product, your venture, your company a success.

Our model gives you the time ... to accelerate, by allowing you to integrate experts right away and recruit them after 12 months.

We believe that outsourcing should be confined to these demanding, strategic roles. By making this choice, you focus your immediate efforts on recruiting more junior and experienced staff to support your internal growth. The market is more flexible at this level of experience.

On the strength of these convictions, we have chosen to help our customers & partners in strategic positions only. Our team is made up of senior developers, tech leads, architects, product managers and designers, all seasoned in agile organizations, cloud & cyber environments and focused on delivering value.

The intervention of an expert enables more efficient team scaling, faster overall skills development, and therefore faster time-to-market.

Traditional recruitment processes only give employers and candidates a very random idea of their future collaboration. We're turning this method on its head.

This new paradigm is forcing us to rethink the traditional customer/supplier approach in favor of total involvement of our teams in our partners' technical and business challenges. Your success becomes our main concern.

The rare community we've built up over the last fifteen years is the fruit of exceptional collaboration, and always will be. This is our greatest pride and our ultimate guarantee of quality. The critical size of rare.engineer has been defined from day one, enabling us to keep the community on a human scale - after all, that's what we are.

We challenge the status quo. Too often in the past we've been personally confronted with the problems intrinsic to generalist service companies. Our business model is designed to address these pitfalls by guaranteeing total transparency in our processes, our economic footprint and the governance of rare.engineer.

If the words "service" and "consulting" mean something to you too, and if you too want to work on a daily basis with people who do this job because they love it, then we've probably got a lot to talk about.

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